Handling and Delivery

The logistics, handling and storage of sulphur is an involved and structured process. Throughout its transportation Sultran carefully monitors the quality of the product to ensure that industry standards are met. At 99.9% purity, Canadian sulphur is among the purest in the world. It is important to maintain the level of purity throughout the transportation process so it is delivered to the customer in this highly refined state.

Inland Transportation:

Western Canadian sulphur that is destined for offshore markets is formed into pellets or prills, enabling its efficient transportation and storage in bulk quantities.

Sultran owns a fleet of over 1,300 open-top gondola railcars which service 9 Inland Facilities located in British Columbia and Alberta. Sultran coordinates the movement of loaded railcars from these Facilities to Vancouver, where sulphur is ultimately exported to Global markets. In conjunction with our Customers and Inland Facilities, we then expedite the empty railcars back for reloading.

Terminal Operations:

Once at the port, the sulphur is either stored in stockpiles or loaded directly on vessels. The commodity is tested further for quality confirmation before being lifted onto vessels for delivery overseas.

Throughout the process of transporting sulphur, Sultran carefully takes into consideration the environment while strictly adhering to regulations and policies that govern the industry. Transportation of this commodity to international markets is much more than a simple "train ride."

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